Empowering local visual storytellers and connecting them to a global audience


we EMPOWER local PHOTOGRAPHERS AND visual storytellers –from latin america and africA – AND WE CONNECT them to a global audience.


Photo © Miora Rajaonary

Photo © Miora Rajaonary


Why do we exist?

While huge strides have been made by Latin American & African visual journalists to break into the– what still is an all western and male –industry. Storytellers and mostly female ones outside of Europe and The U.S. are woefully under represented. Conceived in Medellín (Colombia) and Amsterdam (The Netherlands), NATIVE Agency wants to empower visual journalists from these regions who have remained invisible to the global arena.

We're an agency focused on local talent. We work with visual photographers and visual storytellers from Latin America & Africa. 

Experience has taught us that local documentary photographers &  visual storytellers not only are able to tell great stories, but they can also excel in telling their own stories, from their own regions. These stories have mostly remained undiscovered, which is the main reason why we want to address the main obstacles such photographers face and connect them to a global audience.

We specialise in sourcing and curating extraordinary local talent.  We want to help committed photographers and visual storytellers find their voice and we want you to hear it.

At the core of our mission is a deep commitment to excellence in visual journalism and documentary. We aim to give local photographers a platform and deliver high-quality visual stories.  We seek to empower, educate, connect, and support through collaborations with media organisations, NGOs, and other agencies.  

We work with clients who want to publish or highlight work from people who can provide unique insights into local cultures, environment and development issues. 

We are true believers of native talent and the ways this talent can be propelled to the rest of the world. We work with local visual storytellers because we share a common belief in exceptional local visual narratives. We are Native.




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