About Native
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About Native

While the journalism and documentary industry struggle with issues of diversity and representation, Native wants to change visual journalism to be representative of diverse talent from across the globe.

We connect emerging journalists, documentary makers and visual storytellers from underrepresented regions and communities with major publications and introduce them to a global audience.

We aspire to do so by creating a go-to platform for visibility through which we highlight and mentor visual journalists in addition to fostering education in these regions.

Our core activity is organizing regional festivals, workshops, mentorships, and educational opportunities geared towards informing and nurturing photographers, helping them navigate the documentary industry and build a collective community.

Our goal is to help change the industry and transform it into one that better reflects the diversity of the world as well as the people whose stories we document.

We are Native people. Visual Storytellers from under-represented regions.

Why We Exist 

As democracy is increasingly threatened, journalism must become an effective tool for responsible storytelling by viewing and reflecting the world through diverse perspectives. This can only be done if representation in the global media industry truly corresponds with the diversity of global life.

It is our responsibility to be aware of the lack of representation in the media and journalism community by finding solutions to the diversity gap and making sure that localized and underrepresented voices are made just as loud in international media organizations.

With photographers all around the world, Native is building this network of talent from the ground up. Story by story, one connection at the time–whether it is through a workshop in Ecuador, an online mentorship program, or personal advice through email. We’re committed to finding and training the next generation of talented visual journalists and photographers from less-represented communities.

Native is bigger than diversity in journalism. 

By taking action with Native, you will be part of a long line of people and organizations committed to diversifying the media landscape by taking on the fight for equality, diversity, and equal rights to be represented.

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Platform highlighting visual storytellers from underrepresented regions -- Africa, Latin America, Middle East and Asia.
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