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/ Biko Wesa is a Kenyan documentary photographer who strives to tell non-fictitious stories. His photographic work focuses on subjects of human interest. Born in Kilifi, a town north of the Kenyan Coast in 1992, his photography journey started in 2012 working as an assistant in a photo studio. He later left the studio and started pursuing personal projects. He attended a week-long Canon workshop in 2015 carried out by Gary Knight that drew him into storytelling and documentary photography. He also took part in a collaborative project by Tufts University and Open Society Foundation about Palliative Care and Access to Pain Medication, a subject that propelled him into finding interest in approaching photography as a tool to highlight pressing issues in the society and using it as a voice and advocacy tool. Furthermore he was selected by World Press Photo to take part in the first ever East Africa Masterclass together with eleven other emerging talents. He has been published in Christina Angell Anderson’s book ‘After 5: A Photographic Journey in Kenya’. His work has also been exhibited in the Museum of Drug Policy in New York and African Union Headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 


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