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Photo © Tamara Merino / Native 

Photo © Tamara Merino / Native 



At the core of our mission is a deep commitment to excellence in visual journalism and documentary. We aim to give local photographers a platform and deliver high-quality visual stories.  We seek to empower, educate, connect, and support through collaborations with media organisations, NGOs, and other agencies.  Find out how we can work together or use the form below. 

Photographers & Storytellers
We are no one without our storytellers We work with local professional documentary photographers or videographers from the regions of Latin America and Africa. 
The storytellers ought to:

  • Be from Latin America or Africa and ought to have already an established voice and body of work.
  • Have proven experience in delivering high-quality pieces.
  • Have substantial knowledge of the subject or region they will be covering.
  • Work on personal stories but with a clear journalistic background. 
  • Face difficulties editing, communicating or marketing their work to a global audience.

Stories can be told through video or stills and do not have to be sent in as a last edit. We are happy to work with storytellers under the guidance of editors. Guidance will also be given on areas such as captioning, submitting stories for grants and making finals edits for different platforms: social media, print, online, and exhibitions.

Photographers & Visual Storytellers on assignment

Native's services also include guidance, input and consulting services for photographers on assignments. Services such as captioning, PR, press & media relations, and content curation and creating for social media, newsletters, and press releases. For more information, send us an email at hello@nativeagency.org

We offer non-exclusive contracts and are committed to earn you value for your work. Take a look at our storytellers’ work and get in touch for detailed guidelines on what we look for and how to submit your portfolio. Contact us at: hello@nativeagency.org

Amigos of NATIVE
Part of our mission is to connect storytellers to a broader audience. To achieve this, we want to be a part of a larger community of people who share what we believe in and support our mission. Find out how you can help us enlarge our community and spread our message. Contact us here below and send us your ideas. 

Financial Partners and/or Crowdfunding
Everything we do, we do while challenging the status quo. We know how harsh the industry can be and are fighting to reach a sustainable business. Find out more about our agency and the ways in which you can contribute to our mission either through crowdfunding, giving input & consulting services or as a financial sponsor. Contact us to discuss donations, grant funding or financial support.

Commissions & Clients
Head to our storytellers page for an overview of who we work with and why we do so. Let us coordinate an assignment with one of them. Get in touch with us and let us know about your business needs and how your corporate social story can be told through us.

Press & Media
Read our latest news and press releases here
Our partners are:
British Journal of Photography
La Silla Vacía


The New York Times - Lens Blog



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