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Morteza smoking cigarette while in the heights of Masjed Mountains protected area. Morteza started poaching as a teenager along with his brothers. After almost loosing his son in an accident he stoped poaching since then. Poaching was taking him to a big “black hole” as he says. Photo © Marjan Yazdi

2021-2022 NATIVE Masterclass
native agency
Aug 3, 2021
2021 - 2022 NATIVE Masterclass 

NATIVE AGENCY proudly presents its upcoming inaugural Masterclass 2021-2022, an intense one year online program to nurture the next generation of photographers and visual artists.

Following the success of hosting previous workshops, intensive creative labs and multidisciplinary events since 2016, NATIVE AGENCY invites industry professionals from the art, photography, science and documentary world to give lectures on the photography industry and community.
The Native Masterclass will help creatives discover what it means to be a professional photographer in 2021 and what it takes to feel comfortable and confident in your skin as a visual storyteller.

This program will help you to understand where you are in your career and how to harness that position while navigating the industry both online and in person.
The masterclass will be divided into four intensive one-day workshops that will take place every three months. Workshops will be divided into three categories: INSPIRATION, OUTPUT, and THEORY.

  • By meeting experts in the industry, you will get access to key people and their stories. 
  • By sharing your work with others, learning how to present yourself in public and to editors, curators, writers etc. 

  • Learn how to build a website, present your work online and in a print portfolio. 
  • Use the tools of social media to your advantage. 
  • Create a narrative for yourself: who are you and why do you do what you do? 
  • Editing, sequencing, telling your story through a non-western narrative. 
  • Understand research and setting questions for long-term projects. 

  • Legal theory of photography, publishing. 
  • Budgeting, finances, diversifying your work. 


See the list of speakers leading the Masterclass here.

Session One: Introductions, Photographer Identity & Visual Narrative

Saturday October 23rd, 2021 held via Zoom at 10 AM EST

This one day, six hour session will include an introduction to the Masterclass program and participants, understanding who you are as a visual storyteller, what your work is about, finding your personal voice, and a historical overview of photography and visual narrative.

Session Two: Project Development, Texts & Sequencing
Saturday January 22nd, 2022 held via Zoom at 10 AM EST

This one day, six hour session will cover what your project is about, why it matters, finding clarity in your topic, conducting research, getting input on your work from others, writing quality project descriptions and captions, sequencing and making a solid edit.

Session Three: Grants, Pitching & Talking to Editors
Saturday April 23rd, 2022 held via Zoom at 10 AM EST

This one day, six hour session will cover how to summarize your project for pitching, communicating your work clearly, connecting with editors, networking, best practices when pitching, researching funding opportunities, writing grants, and building budgets.

Session Four: Messy Truths, Publishing & Talking Business
Saturday July 23rd, 2022 held via Zoom at 10 AM EST

This one day, six hour session will cover how to deal with disappointment, telling sensitive and vulnerable stories, defining ethical consent, copyright issues, running and marketing your business, building a professional website, and using social media to your advantage.

€350 for photographers who are currently part of NATIVE AGENCY
€450 for photographers who are external from the organization

We are able to offer two full scholarships. If you would like to be considered for a scholarship, please clearly state your interest in your letter of motivation. You may choose to write an additional statement of need explaining your financial situation in more detail. All of our scholarships are awarded based on the components in your application.

To apply, see our open call hereHave questions? Read through our frequently asked questions here

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