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TOUCH: Amanda Yik, a forest therapy guide, puts her hand over her heart as she feels the gentle breeze and warm sunlight on her skin. In 2007, right when she thought she was at her fittest, she was diagnosed with Stage 3 ovarian cancer. Her body broke down, and two years of invasive treatment followed. All the energy she could afford was walking across the road to the park for a stroll. On a Bauhinia leaf, the symbolic flower of Hong Kong’s flag, coat of arms, and coins. Katherine Cheng, Hong Kong.

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Exhibition: 2021 International Environmental Photography Lab
native agency
Jan 18, 2022
The International Environmental Photography Lab Mentorship Program (2021)

The International Environmental Photography Lab was a six month, online mentoring program presented by Native Agency in collaboration with Grün Berlin, Neue Schule für Fotografie Berlin (New School for Photography), and the World Food Institute.

The lab launched in May and concluded in November. It was for new photographers (defined as coming to the craft within the last three years) based anywhere in the world. Our 2021 mentors were Laura Beltrán Villamizar (Native Agency), Ben Chislett (Freelance), and Esther Horvath (iLCP, Alfred Wegener Institute).

The photo projects developed during the mentorship cover topics of climate change, water, and urban nature.

View the projects showcased in our Digital IEPL Exhibition.

Our 2021 mentees were:
Alberto M, Germany
Billy Hickey, USA
Céline Haeberly, USA
Cynthia Mancha, USA
Fabio Cian, Italy
Gökçe Işık, Turkey
Hannah Cauhépé, Spain
Harvey Castro, Puerto Rico
Heriberto Paredes, USA
Jonbides Bautista Gómez, Colombia
Jordi Jon Pardo, Spain
Juan Diego Reyes, USA
Julian Reisinger, Australia
Katherine Cheng, Hong Kong
Kathleen Lei Limayo, Philippines
Leslie Moreno Custodio, Peru
Lia Valero, Colombia
Luca Ellena, Switzerland
Luciane Coletti, USA
Luke Marshall Johnson, Germany
Margarita V Beltran, Germany
Marianne Sievers, Germany
Maximilian Chini, Italy
Melyssa St. Michael, USA
Nava Derakhshani, USA
Paul Frangipane, USA
Pía Harboure, Argentina
Polina Schneider, Germany
Rebeca Maxon, USA
Robin Goetze, Germany
Saurabh Narang, Germany
Sudip Maiti, India
Tim Wagner, Germany
Vidhyaa C, United Arab Emirates
Wanda von Bremen, Germany
Yzza Slaoui, Morocco  

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