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by Alejandra Rajal, from project "Changing Wave"

Aug 6, 2019. Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico. A big part of sargassum cleaning is done manually by people who spend long hours under the sun at risk of being dehydrated.

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by Liliana Merizalde, from project "Inner Disruptions"

María Magdalena is a chagra woman, from Desano ethnic group. She is the daughter of a dancer and payé (shaman) who prayed her traditional name in secret. Her father died when she was 10 years old. Catholic priests removed her from her community and burned absolutely everything, from the traditional costumes to the maloka. One of her sons, a community leader, was murdered by one of the illegal armed groups that operated in the area. She considers herself a strong woman and feels glad to be one in a time when, she says, women are freer. She is saddened by the fact that traditional knowledge has been lost, and that people no longer believe that the indigenous tribes are the children of the anaconda. She is proud to belong to the elder Desanos, the grandchildren of the moon.Together we decided to extend from her back and arms (the parts of her body she feels are stronger for being the ones she uses to carry the harvest) a great leaf in the form of a structure growing upwards. In this way we tried to highlight in a material way a powerful inner process of awareness of her personal growth and ability to reinvent herself. Vaupés, Colombia. Feb, 2015.

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by Ana Vallejo, from project "Entre Nubes"

Mary Natalia Guaracá. 16-year-old single mother. She was displaced with her family from Caquetá by the FARC. Even though she misses her hometown, she feels safer living in San Germán. She goes to the Eucalyptus forest near her house when she seeks peace.

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by Daniela Olave, from project "Destined" 

The alien space ship makes presence and prepares the descent in the city of Madrid.

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by Celeste Alonso, from project "Deeply Inside"

left. Beagle Channel. Usuahia, Tierra del Fuego. Argentina 2019. right. My friend Evelyn at the Agronomía Park. Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2019.

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by Camila Falcao, from project "Across, In Between and Beyond"

Lune Carvalho, 21, designer (right) and Lu Schineider, 22, therapist (left) sit on a bed, Lune hugs his legs that are bent and one of Lu's legs as well, Lune wears a black shirt and Lu a shirt with colored stripes, on Wednesday, September 11th, 2019. This is part of my ongoing project “Across, in Between and Beyond”, in which I'm documenting chains of affection among non-binary young people and also some cisgender girls.

Events News
A Changing Environment: An Exhibition
native agency
Sep 9, 2020
Native exhibits brand new work by Native photographers in an online exhibition in collaboration with German NGO Grun Berlin celebrating A Changing Environment. Originally set to take place in Germany, it has been reimagined digitally due to the pandemic.

How are we defining environment? The environment can be seen as a physical place, a natural or ecological place or a historical environment, a space where a person's events take place. Environment is everything around us, including our bodies - a person's beliefs, actions, gestures and orientations depend on their environment. The physical, the communal, the societal with its limitations or liberations - a changing environment that shapes who we are as human beings.

The work of six female-identifying Native photographers from Latin America are featured in this exhibit as they explore the vast notions of a changing environment.

Celeste Alonso (Argentina), by presenting a work in progress about places, people, and sensations of letting yourself be led.

Camila Falcao (Brazil), by documenting chains of affection and physical, emotional support between non-binary young people and cisgender girls.

Liliana Merizalde (Colombia), by a conversation between the body, the environment, the territory, the identity, social and political context through self construction.

Daniela Olave (Colombia), by considering our realities, our perception of time, and what provides people a sense of purpose.

Alejandra Rajal (Mexico), by assessing community, intricacies and rituals, and what it means to find brotherhood.

Ana Vallejo (Colombia), by visually investigating an informal neighborhood, displaced families, complicated histories, and disputed territory. 

View the exhibition here.

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