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KOZ Collective Print Sale: Support the Palestinian Cause
native agency
May 21, 2021
KOZ Collective is standing against the violence that Israel is currently waging on Palestinians as part of its colonial plan. In order to raise awareness and support the Palestinian cause, KOZ Collective is organizing a print sale in solidarity with Palestine.

100% of sales will be donated to "MAP" (medical aid for Palestinians) who work with local partners to ensure that Palestinians get the medical aid they need during this critical time.

With your support, "MAP" can help ensure that hospitals have the medical resources they need right now.

PURCHASE YOUR PRINT HERE - the sale ends on May 31st. Get your prints now to support and help the cause. 

Shipping everywhere. If you are in Morocco and can’t use PayPal, please DM @koz.collective on Instagram to order your print.

KOZ Collective is a collaboration between four Moroccan visual artists (including Native Photographer M'hammed Kilito) working on long term projects and sharing a passion for storytelling.

Native Agency stands in solidarity with Palestine.

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