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Photo © Oscar B. Castillo

Photo © Oscar B. Castillo

Native Agency proudly supports Noorderlicht Photogallery and invites you to the exhibition: ‘Venezuela in Chaos’, to be exhibited at the Dutch gallery from July 8 in Groningen, The Netherlands. 
In collaboration with Noorderlicht Photogallery, Native keeps on amplifying the voices of local Latin American visual storytellers and invites you to the display of the work of eight local photographers, a committed group of Venezuelan visual journalists and artists, some of them risking their lives on a daily basis to cover what is one of the most tragic and dangerous moments in Venezuela's history. 
The eight photographers who have kept Venezuela on the international radar and whose stories offer a glimpse into their country’s state of emergency are:
Antonio Briceño
Oscar B. Castillo
Alejandro Cegarra
Nelson Garrido
Amada Granado
Lucia Pizzani
Juan Toro

The on-going protests, covered by a group of photographers will be showcased in an adjoint exhibit. This presentation, compiled by Ricardo Gomez Perez for Noorderlicht, will be updated on a weekly basis during the exhibition period with work by Leo Alvarez, Carlos Becerra, Marco Bello, Fabiola Ferrero, Vladimir Marcano, Federico Parra and Fabian Solymar. 

“The job of a photographer is not an easy one, especially in times of crisis. The work showcased in ‘Venezuela in Chaos’ bares proof of the commitment of these visual storytellers to hold this moment in history, to be witness; and with their stories, create a sense of urgency that will hopefully move people to action,” says Laura Beltrán Villamizar, Founder and Curator of Native. 
“The global media has been mostly ignoring the turmoil in Venezuela, which has been going on for a number of years now. We felt it important to invite these Venezuelan photographers. They convey stories about the free fall of a country where, until just a few years ago, the sky was the limit.” - Wim Melis, curator of Noorderlicht, responsible for this exhibition.

‘Venezuela in Chaos’ is on display from July 8 to August 13, 2017 at Noorderlicht Photogallery at Akerkhof 12, 9711 JB Groningen, The Netherlands. The Noorderlicht exhibition is currently available for touring.
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